Experts have found that the state of your bedroom can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Start here with some cleaning steps. We, at Marbella House Cleaning, try our best to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.


Here are 5 leaning tips to make your bedroom more tranquil and sleep-friendly :

A messy bedroom will result in a worse quality of sleep and even cause anxiety and stress. You can prevent this by maintaining a clean and organized bedroom, which helps encourage calmness and restfulness once it’s time for bed. Completing simple tasks and dedicating only an hour a week to managing your bedroom can turn your sleeping space into a more welcoming and enjoyable place after a hard day of work and keep you encouraged and well-rested for the day ahead. Here is a list of tasks, chores and tips to keep your bedroom clean and organized.

#1: Throw away any trash

The first thing to do before getting into some serious cleaning is to examine your room for any trash that might have gotten caught up in your room. Things like snack packaging or crumbs should be thrown away into a trash can. You can put one in the corner of your bedroom, so you have a quick and convenient place to throw anything that shouldn’t be hanging around in your room. 

#2: Organize your clothes

Most people might be familiar with “The Clothes Chair”, a pile of clothes that builds upon a chair in your bedroom. Even if you aren’t familiar with this, chances are that you have some clothes, dirty or clean, piled up in a spot or two around your bedroom. Make sure that you go through the pile of clothes and sort them out as dirty or clean. Dirty clothes can go straight to the hamper for laundry, while clean clothes can go directly to the closet or drawer or wherever you keep your clothes. 

#3: Go through your room and look for any clutter that might have built up. For example, clutter can be found on your nightstand, where everyday items may have been building up. Other places where you might discover clutter are your drawers or a desk if you have one in your room. Make sure you put these items right back where they belong. Either remove anything that shouldn’t be in your bedroom or organize any items in spots where they won’t get lost or tossed around.

#4: Clean your bed covers

Your bed covers should be washed regularly. 

#5: Clean the floor and any other surfaces. Cleaning the floor makes walking around your bedroom more comfortable and cozy. 

For carpet surfaces:

  • Ensure you regularly use a vacuum as carpets can collect dust easily. Don’t forget corners or other hidden or hard to reach spots as they can become quite filthy over time.
  • If there is a stain on the carpet, clean it up by first dabbing it with a wet cloth or paper towel, then use a stain removal solution or a natural stain remover such as baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice. Depending on the type of stain, you may need to repeat the process.

For wood surfaces:

  • Use a vacuum to capture any dirt and dust.
  • Make sure to clean wooden floors or other surfaces with a damp mop or cloth. Make sure it is not soaking wet as too much water can ruin the wood. Wait for the surfaces to dry before stepping or laying things down back on the surface.

On hard surfaces:

  • First, use a vacuum to clean up dust and dirt.
  • If there are any dirty spots that the vacuum couldn’t remove, you can clean it by using water, soap and a scrub.
  • Next, you can use a wet mop to finish off the surface and make it look sparkly clean.

Extra Tips:

  • Make sure you look out for hairs that might get caught up on floors or any other surface. This can make your bedroom feel dirty. They are hard to find, so make sure you closely inspect the surfaces.
  • Clean the floor under any furniture. Move any furniture in your bedroom aside and give it a nice sweep.

Make sure you also wipe down other surfaces like tables and nightstands as well as mirrors and windows so you can let the light shine through into your beautiful bedroom. Also, make sure you dust your curtains with a duster or a vacuum as dust can collect very easily on curtains and then fall to the floor.

These tasks help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Aim to complete these tasks weekly. You can also tweak some tasks to fit your preferences better and create a routine that works best for you. It might seem annoying at first, but once you get in the habit of keeping your bedroom in tip-top shape, you will never look back and you will come to enjoy this process. Get ready to enjoy your bedroom to the fullest

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